Vytrus Biotech

VytrusBiotech was born as a spin-off company of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universityof Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona), created by scientists from theresearch group Plant Biotechnology: Production of Phytomedicines (2009 SGR1217). Vytrus Biotech builds on more than 30 years of scientific research tocreate their own commercial brand and products.

Belongingto the Plalnt Biotechnology sector, Vytrus Biotech specializes in theproduction of high value active ingredients and recombinant proteins used incosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

VytrusBiotech bases its core value on research and innovation. Using plant cellcultures as production platform, Vytrus Biotech produces and markets their ownproducts with unique and innovative properties. Plant Stem Cell Culturetechnology enables the amplification, purification and collection of plantsecondary metabolites and bio-active molecules, achieves an increased efficacyof the materials.